DermaPure Vs Kollagen IntensivDermaPure and Kollagen Intensiv are products from different companies designed for mature skin that offer or at least claim to offer intense anti-aging benefits like: minimizing wrinkles, evening out skin tone, correcting saginess, and moisturizing the skin so that it looks more fresh and youthful. Both of them come in cream form with an amount that typically lasts two months. In the present article, we are going to make a detailed comparison of these two, analyzing factors like cost, ingredients, and their overall effectiveness.

Ingredients and their action:

The main ingredient used in DermaPure formula is polymoist-ps complex, which is a peptide with anti-aging and particularly skin-firming action. This peptide is also found in other anti-aging formulations with quite promising results in reducing wrinkles and skin sagginess. Other active ingredients found in DermaPure cream are:  saccharide isolate (type of sugar), vitamin E, cocoa and shea butter.   All these ingredients are of natural origin and are known for their skin nourishing and anti-aging properties.  Kollagen Intensiv formula on the other side is a bit different although some common ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E are also used.  The main ingredient in Kollagen Intensiv though is Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally derived ingredient that encourages natural collagen production, which is often depleted in aged skin. Other ingredients found in Kollagen Intensive are: Vitamin C, cucumber extract, and Retinol (vitamin A form), which possess intense anti-oxidant properties and encourage a glowing complexion.


According to official websites and distributors, Dermapure claims to show intense anti-aging action in clinical trials, which reaches 60% in wrinkle reduction and up to 400% increase in skin moisture, for the vast majority of subjects who tried the cream in a period of 4 weeks.  Kollagen Intensiv also makes similar bizarre claims, boasting a whopping 354% improvement in overall skin texture and wrinkle reduction, within a period of 84 days.

General Reviews:

In websites like Amazon and other distributors, many customers who have bought Kollagen Intensiv have found that it smoothens up their skin and makes wrinkles and uneven skin tone look less prominent.  However, some customers reported the formula irritated their skin and it was hard to cancel the subscription from the official company that sells it. DermaPure on the other hand is a product that currently lacks any consumer reviews, although some websites give it a high rating when it comes to potent anti-aging formulations.


Both products come with a free trial that lasts two weeks, but after that period is over, in case you fail to send back the product, your credit card will be billed automatically—unless you cancel the subscription.  Dermapure in this case charges $95 for a month’s supply, whereas Kollagen Intensive charges around $59.95 per bottle/1 month supply.


Although the products claim very promising results, like all the formulas found out there, nothing works equally good for everybody. Some of the consumers might experience skin irritation for example, when using these products. The process of trying and purchasing the product is also a bit suspicious, as the customer is often unaware that their account might be charged automatically.