Eyelasticity Anti Aging Eye Cream

Buy Eyelasticity: Best Eye CreamBattling eye puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines that get worse with age? Obviously you want that your eyes should always look fresh and youthful. But how can we combat dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles that make us look tired and that too old once and for all? Is there anything that truly works?

The answer to the above is Eyelasticity!! Eyelasticity is a new revolutionary product, specially formulated by a team of experts who have utilized and tested the best ingredients to make a product that truly delivers. Whether you are have dark circles, puffy-tired looking eyes, fine lines or all three, Eyelasticity will dramatically decrease their appearance, making your eyes look fresh, revitalized and youthful – something that every woman wants.

Eyelasticity Ingredients

The main ingredients behind Eyelasticity’s potent action are exclusive chemical compounds that can be found anywhere else. Here are the top:

  • Eyeseryl®. Eyeseryl is a patented tetrapeptide ingredient that targets puffiness and dark shadows present in the eye area. According to clinical trials, Eyeseryl® has been found to decrease eye puffiness by up to 95% in the vast majority of people who have tried it for a period of 60 days.
  • Syn®-ake. A patented synthetic tripeptide compound, which works the same way as snake venom to “freeze” the skin muscles, producing a powerful tightening effect. The ingredient has been found to reduce fine lines in a 1 month period, by up to 20% (according to clinical tests).
  • Regu®-age. Another powerful ingredient specially formulated by soy and rice peptides, that targets age-related puffiness and dark circles. In clinical trials, Regu®-age has demonstrated an ability to significantly increase puffiness and dark circles, after a period of two months.
  • ProCollONe+.  ProCollONe+ is a soya-derived glycopeptide developed to encourage natural collagen production in the eye area. According to clinical trials, ProCollONe+  was able to increase skin smoothness by up to 78%, in a period of 7 weeks.

Anti Aging Eye Cream for Beautiful eyes

Instructions for use:

To get the most out of the product, cleanse the eye area and then gently apply the product using upper circular motions until completely absorbed, preferably  twice daily–once in the morning and once in the evening. The formula has been specially developed not to cause any allergies or inflammation, but if you have too sensitive skin, test the product on a smaller surrounding area first.

Cost & Offers

One bottle of Eyelasticity typically costs $59.95. However, there are many different packages available if you purchase more which offer more bottles at a special discount price.

OfferYou SaveExtra
Diamond Package6 Months Supply @ $289.95$70 + $160 in Free Gifts* 2 Bottles Extra FREE
* Luxurious Facial Cloth
* FREE Shipping (US Only)
Platinum Package5 Month Supply @$244.95$50 + $100 in Free Gifts* 1 Bottle Extra FREE
* 1 Luxurious Facial Cloth
* FREE Shipping (US Only)
Gold Package4 Month Supply @ $199.95$40 + $80 in Free Gifts* 1 Bottle Extra FREE
* 1 Luxurious Facial Cloth
Silver Package3 Months Supply @ $154.95$25 + $20 in Free Gifts* 1 Luxurious Facial Cloth
Mini Pack2 Month Supply @ $109.95$10 + $20 in Free Gifts* 1 Luxurious Facial Cloth
Single1 Month Supply @ $59.95* 1 Luxurious Facial Cloth

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Detailed Performance Review for Eyelasticity

Our Review:

Eyelasticity is a much promising product and can effectively tackle all signs of aging that show up in the eye area: dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet, and rinkles. We have found that it can be used by anyone, even by men and people of younger age as the formula is not oily or irritating, like most other formulations. We specially like the fact that the ingredients are unique and specially tested to produce significant results with no side-effects reported by those who have tried the product.

The price is also relatively good and you can say it’s a sufficient value for money product as the amount you will get is enough for two months use. Furthermore, the company offers a full 90-day money back guarantee in case you have tried the product and didn’t get any results, so even if it fails to work for you, you have nothing to lose.

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Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by Barbara Vasquez on Eyelasticity Eye Cream
Very Good

Well this cream just erased 10 years off my face, I just don't know how to thank. I am very excited to write this review also. Its my first review. This cream is worth all the money I invested. I have used many creams before but this one just stands out from all the previous products.

by Pamela Weaver on Eyelasticity Eye Cream

The cream is good it is a bit pricey but good. Only a little amount is needed and it soothes puffiness immediately. A Gentle product. Love it

by Lori Gonzales on Eyelasticity Eye Cream
Amazing product

I have a very delicate under eye area and products which I used before often made it too dry and never suited my needs, But when I bought this product I was amazed by its results. The results were noticeable within a month. It is the first cream which is working for me as I wanted it to.

by Denise Whitaker on Eyelasticity Eye Cream

I am not completely satisfied with the product, There was tiny improvement in the start but then the results just vanished. It just hides the skin aging signs by just making it more dry and firm once you apply it. But after some of time the skin will turn back to normal

wait and watch

Noticed changes on crow's feet and have become less visible But Puffiness is still there. Hope it'll also get better with time.

It Works

Its the second brand I tried. First I had tried one by Kiehls. It was good but it took like foreever to see the changes. It costs around $10 less but Eyelasticity provided quicker results. I think I will go with Eyelasticity for now. Lets see how it pans out :)

Very Good

To keep it short its not a Miracle product that instantly makes everything perfect. But I started seeing the improvements after two weeks. The serum feels nice on the skin too.