You have probably read all the good stuff and reviews about Kollagen Intensiv but are there any side effects associated with its use? The answer is yes and no. Our product has undergone extensive clinical trials to ensure maximum results and minimize any side effects associated with using strong (usually artificial) ingredients such as red flakey skin, itching, greasiness and a feeling of tightness. As we have mentioned earlier in other posts, it is made almost entirely of natural ingredients all with a very low risk of creating negative side effects, so you shouldn’t be worried.

However if you have a very sensitive skin type, you might develop some of these problems at first. It all depends on your individual skin type and how your skin reacts to certain ingredients found in the product. For example someone might experience fast results using Retinol without any side effects while some other may experience redness and worsening before skin gets better. If you develop light to mild reactions that are tolerable, then we recommend using a smaller amount of the cream or lessening the frequency. Light to mild reactions are often a sign that the product works so there is really no need to discontinue using the product. In the highly unlikely event you experience intense reactions such as severe redness, mild burning or other signs of ingredient intolerance, you should discontinue use and consult with your family doctor or a dermatologist.

Generally Kollagen Intensiv is a very safe and natural option and doesn’t cause any side effects, unless your skin is very sensitive has a history of being intolerant to certain ingredients (e.g. retinol). Thus, always ensure you know the ingredients before using the product to avoid any risk of developing adverse reactions.