Kollagen-intensiv-oily-skinLuckily, oily skinned people face less of wrinkles and other premature signs of aging; however, it doesn’t mean they don’t. As a matter of fact, choosing the right skin care routine is equally important for oily skin people as compared to those with dry skin.

Outlined below are some simple steps of a good skin care routine:

  1. Morning care
  2. Day care
  3. Evening care
  4. Overall care


Your morning routine is of prime importance in daily skin care routine. The objective to follow an effective morning routine is to prepare your facial skin to face external conditions of the day ahead.

Step1: Wash your face with a non-soap cleanser and warm water. This will help to remove dirt and oil from the face.

Step 2: Use a clean and dry towel to wipe your face gently.

Step 3: Every skin type including oily skin needs a good moisturizer for proper hydration of the skin. Therefore, apply generous amount of Kollagen Intensiv to your face using fingertips only.

Step 4: Quite gently massage the areas with wrinkles and dark spots.

Step 5: Apply your makeup as usual and you are good to go.


Kollagen Intensiv has enough moisturizing effect to last the whole day. If you feel that your face is getting too oily then:

Step 1: Use a medicated pad or blotting paper to remove excess oil that is build up on your face.

Step 2: Apply an SPF30+ sunscreen every time you step out under the sun.


Following a skin care routine at evenings is profoundly significant for keeping wrinkles and other signs of premature aging at bay. Unfortunately, sometimes, we take our night skincare routine for granted for lack of time or willingness. However, we must know that our night time skin routine has a strong impact on our skin.

Step 1: Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, preferably the same cleanser you used in the morning.

Step 2: Take a soft towel and dry your face

Step 3: Apply a dime-size amount of the Kollagen Intensiv to your face, and gently massage the cream into your entire face and neck.

Overall Care

Exfoliation is irrefutably the most integral part of our daily skin care routine. Exfoliating helps the skin to get a smooth skin texture and tone. In addition, it also aids in encouraging cell renewals, thereby giving your skin a young and healthier look.

Exfoliation process for oily skin:

Step 1: Start by preparing your skin for the exfoliation. Get into the shower and wet your body from head to toe.

Step 2: Apply an exfoliating cleanser to your loofah or a wet wash cloth.

Step 3: Begin scrubbing the loofah or the cloth in a circular motion from the bottoms of your feet to the way up.

Step 4: You can use a body brush to exfoliate your back.

Remember to be extremely gentle on your skin while exfoliating your face.

People with oily skin should not wash their face more than twice a day as excessive washing of face will strip you off from natural moisturizers and also increase oil production.