Kollagen Intensiv works in a deep cellular level to stimulate collagen production increase the natural moisturizing capacity and a host of other similar processes to uncover a truly rejuvenated and youthful looking complexion.

Before we mention any other details, we have to know first what is Collagen and how Kollagen Intensiv works to trigger natural Collagen synthesis.

Collagen is a protein that consists of Amino –Acids and is found in our body’s connective tissues (bones, joints, skin) by up to 30%. Collagen is usually present in young people but as we age, natural Collagen production starts to decline. This results in many internal negative symptoms and affecting negatively our skin’s look, tone and elasticity. Collagen loss is very common for women above the age of 35 and thus Collagen needs to be triggered either internally (through collagen supplements) or externally (through topical skin-care products) to be replaced.

Collagen is one of the most popular ingredients that are advertised by the anti-aging industry with many products claiming to contain either Collagen molecules or ingredients that stimulate natural Collagen production. Not all Collagen products are created equal though- A large portion of products found in the market, contain large molecules of Collagen which defeats their purpose to be easily absorbed and utilized by the skin layers- If the collagen molecules are too big it’s almost impossible to be absorbed by the upper skin layers and consequently they won’t have an obvious effect. For this reason, Kollagen Intensiv doesn’t contain any Collagen molecules (which often comes from animal by-products or artificial sources) but rather contains herbal extracts, Syn-Coll (a collagen boosting peptide) and other synergistic ingredients that encourage the skin itself to produce Collagen naturally,affordably and safely.



The formula not only stimulates Collagen production but as we mentioned earlier it has many other skin beautifying benefits. Kollagen Intensiv is enriched with natural moisturizing factors that keep moisture at optimal levels and trap moisture inside the skin cells so that the skin stays moisturized and supple for many hours.

Another benefit of Kollagen Intensiv is that it helps inhibit the aging action of glycation-the destructive chemical process in which sugar molecules attack proteins and healthy cell membranes. Glycation is one of the top causes of wrinkles and thus it needs to be controlled to prevent skin-aging. Kollagen Intensiv inhibits Glycation by keeping proteins healthy and controlling damaging interleukin molecules.

Plus, Kollagen Intensiv protects form further aging of the skin with the addition of various ingredients that protect from UV ray damage in the DNA level of skin cells. These ingredients also encourage skin-repair and reverse the damage caused by sun exposure.

Kollagen Intensiv action doesn’t stop here though-it helps rejuvenate eyes for more obvious anti-aging results. The formula contains ingredients that moisturize and rejuvenate the delicate eye area, minimizing eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles that make us look tired and aged.

But don’t just take our word for it-try this product and see for yourself why this is one of the top anti-aging solutions available.