We know that there are countless products in the Market that promise anti-aging benefits but sadly many of them simply don’t work or in some cases cause skin damage due to the high chemical content. Yes a few do work but the high price makes it almost impossible for the average woman to try the product long term. In many occasions consumer pays for the fancy package and not the actual content which is similar to other cheaper alternatives.

Kollagen Intensiv is not just another cheap knock-off product

that promises results but doesn’t deliver. It is a product based on very extensive trials conducted in a Swiss Laboratories and synthesized using natural ingredients with a modern scientific approach. Unlike other products in the Market which contain collagen, Kollagen Intensiv doesn’t contain big molecules of collagen (often derived from animal sources) which can’t penetrate the skin making the product useless. In fact, it is fortified with powerful ingredients such as peptides and Retinol which help stimulate naturally the skin’s mechanism to produce more collagen. The result? Visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots, saggy and dull skin are minimized after a couple of months.

According to a clinical study conducted in Switzerland, the results in most cases were very impressive: The majority of the subjects tested in the study reported that their skin improved up to 201% while many reported up to 354% increased elasticity, improved skin texture and of course less wrinkles after using the product for 84 days.

Bottom line is that if you want to try a safer, affordable and natural alternative before spending a fortune to regain back your youthful skin, you should definitely try it.