Secret for a younger looking skin!

Buy-Kollagen-Intensiv1We all fear to think about aging, but the fact is we can’t deceive the process. How about turning off the age clock and delaying the sign of aging?

Before wrinkles and fine lines creep into your skin, you can easily prevent or delay them with knack.

Yes, you can do it with Kollagen Intensiv. There are lots more ways available for you that can help you to slow the rate of changes that cause deep wrinkles and a dull texture.

What’s best for you?

Every time when we go on a search spree to look for some anti aging tips, probably we get many. But are they all worth? Only few of them actually work, Right? Chill, we are here to solve your this problem. Here are some effective anti aging tips that you might never heard before. No doubt, you have to use the Kollagen Intensiv cream daily but can follow these tips as well.

Before we begin with the list, I would like to mention that these tricks won’t give you results in like 2 days but yes, it will help your skin age gracefully.

So here we go with the list…

1.) Along with body exercises focus on some facial exercises too.

You must have heard about facelift massage.  A 15 min facial massage truly has the power to give you an instant facelift. You can do them early morning with your workout. You can massage the skin with Kollagen Intensiv cream so as to get more benefits out of it. This technique will not only improve the blood circulation but also stimulates the skin by increasing its elasticity.

2.) Supplements will work for you

Your skin demands more amount of vitamin D, C, E and omega 3 as you age. Don’t worry! You need not to always eat the food that contains all of them. You can supply what the skin demands for by consuming supplements. If you find any difficulty to swallow the capsule, you can even get it in liquid form.

3.) Intake more H2O

I don’t think there is any need to tell you this. Water is nature’s best gift to human. It is important for not just for existence of life but for quality of life as well. You must drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday so at to build a strong immune system. This will keep your health and skin well balanced and vibrant.

4.) Spend some time with Anti-aging Face Masks

Take care of your dark spots and fine lines that grow with aging. Best way to minimize these effects is by using face masks. These face masks helps exfoliate your skin and removes dead skin. There are plenty of face masks remedies available online which you can try every weekend. This will never let your skin loose its charm.

5.) Step-on to Steamed veggies now

As we age, our diet plans change. Not just diet plans but cooking style too changes with it. It has been proved that vegetables cooked at high flame without water causes inflammation. So it’s better to include delicious raw salad and steamed veggies in your dinner.

6.) Use Humidifiers in bedroom

Do you know a humidifier can delay your wrinkles? Yes you heard it right! Run a humidifier at night before you go to bed at night. This will avoid skin dryness and keeps wrinkles at bay. Not only it keeps the skin moisturized but also prevents skin breakouts.

7.) Clean your face before you’re off to bed, better use cleansers

You should always remove all makeup before you go to bed. All day, your skin is assaulted by chemicals in the air that break down collagen and cause other damage. Wash your face twice a day with good quality cleansers. I would suggest not using soap as it makes your skin drier which eventually turns up into wrinkles.

8.) Your Protein diet can bring your youthful skin back

You should be cautious while you prepare your meal. A good food habit can wash off wrinkles from your facial skin. You must consume sea food rich in omega 3. Do include all those food items which have good amount of irons, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients packed in it.

9.) Walk on the shady side of street

This will protect you from sun exposure. More sun exposure may damage your skin cells which can increase the chances of getting more fine lines. Start your day with sunscreens. It is essential to block your skin with SPF. SPF shields the skin against UV light, and especially UVA, causes ageing of the skin by breaking down the collagen and elastin.

10.) Sleep on your back:

First of all you need a good beauty sleep. Secondly, sleeping on your back can benefit you more as you’ll never get sleep lines on your face. These lines etched into your face and do not disappear when you get up.