We cannot completely defy the law of nature, and so when we grow old, we will get wrinkles or in other words our skin loses its elasticity. So the frown lines become permanent, the laugh lines becomes permanent and so on. Here is a brief from a research published earlier:Regaining the elasticity of skin

With an aging skin comes a downfall of ‘Collagen’, a major structural protein in the skin. If you are having a smooth and healthy looking skin then it is due to the presence of healthy collagen levels in the skin. And, as the collagen levels decrease the skin starts losing its elasticity.

Decreasing collagen levels may itself be attributed to decrease in various hormones in the body. Let’s find out more:


The primary reason for skin losing its elasticity as we age is due to this female hormone called Estrogen. Estrogen is a very popular hormone made in ovaries and is commonly found in women, but it is also found in males.

Estrogens are known to heavily affect skin thickness, formation of wrinkles and skin moisture. It plays a pivotal role in losing elasticity of the skin as we age.


Testosterone is the key male sex hormone and also a heavy collagen supporter, but when it starts declining, you start losing skin elasticity as well.  Testosterones are associated with skin sebum production, and so women may feel the turmoil created in their skin due to the unbalance caused by the estrogen-androgen hormones. Both, females and males are prone to lose elasticity in their aging skin.


Given below are some cohesive steps to be taken to avoid loss of ‘Collagen levels’:

Vitamin C: You can expect a decent level of collagen in your skin if you consume 400mg of Vitamin C on daily basis.

Exercise: Quite obviously, any form of exercise that leads to muscle development can stimulate growth of collagen.

Topical vaginal estrogens: Check with your doctor if the medicine is right for you. However, this med is highly effective to improve loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin.

Lifestyle change: Avoid going under the harsh sun and quit smoking.

Eat right: Make sure your diet is rich in plant proteins such as soy proteins, nuts and nut butters. Similar foods have shown a significant effect on collagen.


Departing Thoughts

With the right knowledge and wisdom, you can put the loss of elasticity and collagen on hold for a good amount of time. There are also creams like Kollagen Intensiv that can help you diminish the appearance of wrinkles by replenishing the collagen levels in your skin. Click here to Buy



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