Why Do Women With Oily Skin Get Lesser Wrinkles?

Every woman has a different skin type which changes over time. Each skin type has its own advantages. Although a highly dry skin and highly oily skin do have some disadvantages. But in the end it’s your skin, you have to deal with it.

However there are chances that if you have oily skin then onset of wrinkles may get delayed. Do you really think it is just an assumption? What if, I tell you the reasons behind? Ok, let me explain

Advantages of Oily skin over Dry skin with respect to wrinkles


1.) Oily skin is more moisturized

Oily skin does ward off wrinkles better than dry skin because the oils in the skin help the skin to retain moisture. People when cross 40’s starts using moisturizers as anti-wrinkle treatment, but oily skin is already moisturized. Whereas, dry skin is more dehydrated than oily skin therefore wrinkles are more visible in dry skin. More the skin is dry; more it will sweat and will dehydrate soon.

2.) Oily skin is healthier

Oils produced by the body helps keep skin healthy. In fact, natural oil on your skin is a natural protection. It protects the skin from damages. Hence, healthy skin shield against wrinkles and is best for anti aging.

Here your anti- aging diet will play the main role. A well balanced diet can nourish your skin making it more youthful.

3.) Oily skin is thicker

Sticky oily skin tends to be thicker as compared to dry skin. In other words the skin on the areas with more glands producing oil tends to have lesser wrinkles. This is a plus point for those who have oily skin and wish to look young for long. Where as people with dry skin faces loose their elasticity easily and observe creepy lines on their skin.

4.) Oily skin contains more sebum

Oily skin contains more Sebum. Sebum plays a vital role in anti-aging process as it prevents free radicals. As the oil glands secret more sebum in the body, skin gets a protective layer over it. This layer helps make the skin more elastic and firm. Though, excess sebum secretion attracts dirt from the environment and results in acne. For this reason it is recommended to use cleansers twice daily.

5.) Oily skin can defend sun rays

Oily skin tends to bolster the effects of SPF and proves to be best in fighting against deadly UV rays. This can be of great help in reducing the effects of pre mature aging. You can also choose sun screen lotions for oily skin, to avoid more stickiness.

Bottom Line

Though, we all know that aging is a natural process. Once you get old, you’ll observe the signs of aging yourself. But these sign of aging vary person to person with different skin types. If you think oily skin is a curse, then it is the biggest misconception you’re having. Nevertheless, you get many benefits from being oilier. One of those benefits is less wrinkles.

In contrast, I would like to mention that, even if you have oily skin, that doesn’t mean you’ll never have wrinkles. We can’t deny the fact that everyone faces it with age. But yes indeed people with oily skin get lesser wrinkles as compared to one with dry skin. Check out these tips for oily skin when using Kollagen Intensiv.