You probably heard the word “Collagen” many times especially in regards to anti-aging ingredients but what exactly is Collagen and how can it be naturally replaced?

Chemical structure of a collagen model protein.

Collagen is a major component of many tissues, including skin, bone and cartilage. Collagen is used dermal filler in the treatment of wrinkles and skin ageing.

Collagen actually is a fibrous protein which contains amino-acids like Glycine, Poline, Arginine and is naturally found in 30% of flesh and connective tissues of animals and humans. It is often called “the building glue” that connects the tissues together and maintains their strength. In fact, if Collagen didn’t exist, our muscles, skin and bones would probably collapse. It is also the substance protecting the tissue from damage and pathogenic substances and organisms which attack the connective tissue.

Collagen in particular is responsible for skin firmness, suppleness and cell turnover and is vital for maintaining skin elasticity. As we grow older and especially after the age of 30, Collagen levels start to decrease causing a variety of degenerative effects such as: loss of elasticity, loss of strength and wrinkles. While collagen loss isn’t the only thing that causes skin aging, it is very important to be stimulated naturally on a cellular level by powerful substances.

The first generation of anti-aging products attempted to isolate collagen (usually from animal tissue) and add it to their products, but research has found that this method has no positive effect on skin- the collagen molecules were found to be too large for penetrating the skin layers and replace collagen lost. Thus, for the past few years, science has found new ways of stimulating the natural collagen synthesis with the help of certain substances and nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Peptides.

Kollagen Intensiv utilizes the above as well as other ingredients of plant origin, to naturally stimulate collagen production and thus increase elasticity, firmness and reduce wrinkles –an all in one powerful approach to fight external signs of aging.