Japnese Beer with Collagen

Whoever says that beauty does not last forever did not perhaps hear of the Japanese who are known to make the impossible, possible. They have managed to fight the course of nature and invent a drink, which will grant your wish of looking as beautiful always. ‘Precious’ a drink that contains two grams of collagen and five percent alcohol per can is manufactured in a brewery named Suntory.

The drink has properties that will make you look young and pretty with every drop consumed. This is because the beer contains a collagen. Collagen as you know which is found in your connective tissues and is strongly believed to have anti-aging properties. This is not a farce statement as it is an established finding that the Collagen levels in our body start reducing with age which causes wrinkles to form on your face.

If you have started to cheer, you still have to wait. The beer will only be available in Hokkaido, Japan. So for now we all have to contain ourselves with our boring old cold beer. Another fact to mention here: It is still be proven scientifically that consuming Collagen with beer can help you look younger.