As you probably already know, collagen is a substance that’s naturally found in the connective tissue of animals and humans and starts to decline with age. As a result, the inner and outer skin layers start to look lifeless and saggy and conditions worsens over time – which is a beauty problem for all women over 40.

Although we can’t really do anything  to reverse collagen loss at a later stage (e.g. over the age of 60), we can prevent, retard, or even reverse collagen loss with the use of natural and/or artificial methods a little before or after the first signs of collagen loss. Artificial methods include lasers, injections and beauty therapy machines and tools but they are often costly and come with risks such us swelling, skin damage and unnatural/odd results.

The best method to promote collagen growth is by consuming or using topically natural nutrients. Here are the top ones:

Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring substance found in the connective tissue of animals and acts as a collagen booster, when injected or used topically on the skin. Among other natural anti-aging substances, hyaluronic acid has the most potent in getting results and it is considered by some the natural alternative or risky and costly Botox.

Vitamin C.  Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid is a well-known antioxidant substance but there is evidence that it also contributes to collagen synthesis when taken orally for a long period of time. Anti-aging topical products that contain vitamin C (like Kollagenintensiv cream for example), can also brighten-up the skin tone and promote a more youthful glowing complexion.

AHAs (acronym for Alpha Hydroxy acids) are naturally derived chemicals that are able to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and peel away dead skin cells, when applied topically. Thus, they can improve overall skin texture and  give plump up the skin, so it looks less saggy and more youthful. AHAs include lactic acid (from dairy), glycolic acid, and Mandelic acid.  Although they are derived from natural sources, due to their chemical consistency and strengths, using them in high concentrations (e.g. over 30%) can irritate or even burn the skin. To avoid this risk, consult with a professional first, before using them.

Amino Acids Amino Acids are natural chemical substances that act as the building blocks of protein and collagen synthesis.  In fact, it has been shown that lack of amino acids in the body may result in weakness and collagen loss. To counteract this, we need to get them either through protein rich diets or supplements. The most important Amino Acids that contribute to collagen synthesis are Threonine  and Proline.  When taken in conjunction with Vitamin C, their action is multiplied.

Due to their natural mild action, most of these ingredients can be combined to stimulate collagen synthesis faster. Kollagen Intensiv is the best collagen cream to help you promote collagen growth so that your skin looks supple and young. Click here to check the latest offers.