Who would feel attractive with hanging cheeks and drooping skin? Well, most of us wouldn’t. Sagging skin is a sure sign of aging that most of us are not comfortable with. And, unfortunately there are many misconceptions pertaining to facial sagging being rumored aggressively on the internet and otherwise.

For once and all, let’s put an end to some of these most common myths that are believed by many, and know the real facts of facial sagging.

Here are mentioned few myths and facts about facial sagging.

  1. Sleeping on your stomach can cause facial sagging – Myth

This is a lot farther than the truth because although sleeping on the stomach is not advisable, it is certainly not the reason for causing facial sagging.  Sagging of skin is due to loss of collagen and loss of facial fat, and none of these happens when you sleep on your stomach. However, sleeping on your stomach can cause facial wrinkles.

  1. Running causes facial sagging – Myth

Some of us are prone to believe that running causes jangly jowls leading to a much unneeded annoyance in our lives. The good news is that running does not cause sagging of the skin since the movement of the body does not damage the collagen levels of the body. Therefore, stop making excuses and go for that much awaited jog.

  1. Exercising facial muscles can tighten facial skin – True

Let’s face it – it is not entirely true and there is a conspicuous catch in it.  Some of the facial exercises also causes heavy expression lines, and also worsen crow’s feet. Many of us are skeptical for undergoing surgical treatments to tighten facial skin; in that case, they could opt for certain facial exercises that help.

  1. Weight loss causes facial sagging – True

For some of us, weight loss is a highly desirable goal. But, you’d be surprised to know that it always isn’t so good. Some empirical studies have shown that weight loss may cause facial sagging, and the science behind is that, when you lose weight you might find your skin to be taking longer time in tightening, or it may not happen at all. This may lead to facial sagging.

  1. Too much of exposure to the sun causes facial sagging – True

The harmful UV rays of the sun can lead to massive skin damage including sagging of the facial skin. Too much of sun exposure, either from the sun or from tanning beds, can cause facial sagging. The UV rays of the sun breaks down the collagen levels of the skin and weakens elasticity, therefore causing loose and saggy skin.

  1. Products that reduce facial sagging – True

It is true. The skincare market is flooded with products that dramatically reduce the appearance of facial sagging. Retinols are the magical wand here. We get over-the-counter retinols and prescribed retinols, which help in increasing collagen levels and restoring elasticity of the skin.

There is lot of misinformation available on the internet, and therefore, it is imperative for us to filter only the truth from the available information. Hopefully, this article will help in making well informed decisions related to facial sagging.