With the help of facial exercises, expecting results like of a professional facelift perhaps is a bit of an exaggeration here. But, these exercises do a brilliant job in producing exceptional results in removing wrinkles from all parts of our faces.

Do you know that a concept known as ‘face yoga’ has been on a dramatic rise lately? Face yoga is a combination of varied facial exercises that helps your facial muscles to relax and tone down a bit.  Yes, these exercises also include weird facial expressions, but they are all worth it. This exercise will be a big boost to your anti wrinkle regimen with Kollagen Intensiv.

Here is a list of facial exercises that will help you remove wrinkles from your face.

1. The most popular exercise – The ‘V’


The “V” – Pic courtesy Juliette Neel

Many face yoga experts recommend the ‘V’ form of exercise vehemently. Not only does it produce remarkable results in eliminating wrinkles, but it also is an easy form of exercise to perform on face.

This is how you do it:

Place two middle fingers between your eyebrows; apply pressure to the outer corners of eyes with index fingers, and look up while moving the lower eyelids upwards. Repeat this process five times at least on daily basis. Finish this exercise by closing your eyes for just 10 seconds and then relax.



2. Become a Giraffe

Danielle Collins - www.faceyogaexpert.com

Danielle Collins – www.faceyogaexpert.com

Well, not literally, of course! In this form of exercise, you need to look straight ahead, placing finger tips on top of the neck and pull the skin downwards as you slowly tilt your head backwards. Bring the head back down gradually.

Jut the lower lip on the outside as far as possible along with placing fingers on collarbone, and point the chin upwards as much as you can. Don’t forget to pull the corners of the mouth downwards.

The key here is to hold on to these expressions for at least 5 deep breaths.



3. Exercise for forehead

foreheadOne of the most common places to find wrinkles on a face is on forehead. In order to firm up the forehead and remove forehead wrinkles, you need to perform these following steps:

Place your index finger above the eyes and pull the skin down while raising your eyebrows. Repeat this exercise for at least 5 to 6 times for 7 minutes daily. This forehead firming exercise will help in exercising the muscles found above the eyebrows.

Disciplined repetitions of the exercise will bring positive results.


4. Lip firming exercise

Picture courtesy Livestrong.com

Picture courtesy Livestrong.com

Wrinkles around the mouth are a sure sign of premature aging. One needs to carefully perform those exercises that strengthen the muscles particularly around lips. Any sort of lip firming exercise helps in increasing blood flow around the area, tones lip muscles, and reduce the sagginess of the skin.

Keep smiling while pursing the lips. In addition, give flying kisses for at least 2 to 3 minutes daily. Such simple tasks can actually produce splendid results in firming and toning of muscles that surround the lips.

In order to avoid wrinkles around the lips, you must also suck on your index finger as firmly as you can. Gently remove your index finger and repeat this process at least 10 to 12 times. This form of exercise will strengthen the skin around your lips.


5. Exercising the cheeks

suckfaceA lot of attention is paid to cheeks during facelifts since much of hanging skin is found in that area. To get firmer skin around the cheeks, perform some simple facial exercises:

Smile softly while the mouth closed. Make sure that you suck the cheeks in the mouth towards the teeth. Hold this position for 10 to 12 seconds, take a break, and repeat this exercise for 6 to 7 minutes daily. This exercise helps in contracting cheek muscles that helps the cheekbones to look firmer.


Parting thoughts

Facial exercises indeed are profoundly significant in removing wrinkles from the face. It is a brilliant tool for those of us who hate going through a surgery for facial uplifts. Face firming exercises are not just good on paper, but are also effective in reality. Exercising the face helps in improving blood circulation. That way, the skin on the face becomes much healthier and keeps wrinkles at bay.