Anti Wrinle Facelift MassageAn anti wrinkle face lift massage is one of the best non-invasive approaches to looking younger and fresher. Not only does it help in lessening wrinkles and facial lines, it also heals sun-damaged skin.

If your aim is to release the stress of the surrounding muscles along with improving overall blood circulation then read the following steps for performing an anti wrinkle face lift massage!

Steps for anti-wrinkle facelift massage

1. Create a calm and soothing environment

In order to achieve maximum benefits of an anti wrinkle face lift massage you need to create a calm and comfortable environment. It is a good idea to try out some aromatherapy and set the right mood for the massage. All you need is a couple of drops of essential oils such as rose or lavender and hot water. Take a hot towel and drench it in that hot water. Now place the hot towel on your face.

2. Cup the face

Start the massage by cupping the face. Now rub a little amount of Kollagen Intensiv cream on your hands and cup one hand over the forehead and one hand under your chin.

Hold your face in this position for a few seconds while relaxing the facial muscles completely. Take few deep breaths and inhale good oxygen. Finally by using the tips of your fingers, apply Kollagen Intensiv over the upper and lower halves of your face.

3. Stroking the cheeks

Keeping a thin layer of Kollagen Intensiv on your hands, massage in sweeping upward strokes on one cheek. Start from and go on till the temple. Once you become comfortable with one side of the cheek, move across to another side. The stroking of the cheeks play a profound role in erasing wrinkles by improving the overall circulation as well as toning the muscles of your cheek and chin.

This particular step will help in uplifting the facial muscles.

4. Do Stretching around the mouth

Take your index and middle fingers in ‘V’ shape and place it around your mouth. Now slowly draw the fingers apart and out over the cheeks. After the release, come back to the starting point and repeat the process three times. The stretching around the mouth helps to massage the ring of the muscle and also helps to ease fine lines.

5. Do upward strokes on the forehead

Use the palms of your hands, stroke upwards (firmly and slowly) by using the palm of your hands. Ideally, you will be using one hand after the other. Doing upward strokes on the forehead brings excellent results in those times when you have headaches or eyestrains.

Repeat the upward strokes on the forehead technique for 2 to 3 minutes to see effective results.

6. ‘Kiss the ceiling technique’ for neck massage

This is one very effective technique to firm up your neck. All you need to do is look upward towards the ceiling, raise your chin up and pucker your lips. Make a kissing sound and then relax your face. *Dont apply the cream on lips.

7. Finger massage in the eye area

Place both your hands on either side of the beginning of the nose just beneath the eyebrows. Make small inward circles against the nose bridge. Now position your forefingers on the edge of the eye sockets in line with eye pupils. Also remember that the tips of your index fingers must be positioned on the bone of the lower eye sockets.

Keep your eyes open while massaging the surrounding areas of your eyes. Make sure you follow this technique gently and do not cause any discomfort. Finger massaging in the eye area will improve sunken eye sockets and remove wrinkles. *Dont apply the cream too close to the eyes.

Final words!

Inarguably, anti wrinkle face lift massage plays a pivotal role in eliminating facial wrinkles, provided you follow the technique correctly and religiously. In addition to employing the above mentioned steps, you should also consume healthy and nutritious meals along with drinking plenty of water. Drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day.
Exercise too is significant in keeping your skin wrinkle-free.